Research Team

Our research team is a unique combination of highly experienced professionals drawn from all three key stakeholder camps of IT research - career analyst, vendor strategist, and IT services buyer. This unique combination brings in a special capability to the Offshore Insights research team, allowing us to build a unique perspective that a single stakeholder cannot visualize. Whether you are an IT vendor or offshore buyer, we understand your concerns well as one or the other of our team members has been in a situation similar to yours. Further, our internal research quality processes ensure that every piece of work we publish goes through a rigorous quality check to make sure that our reports represent an unbiased view, thereby ensuring a long term win-win situation for both buyers and vendors.

The team, led by our Founder CEO Sudin Apte, is working on a range of themes right from analysing the ever-changing offshore landscape to identifying best practices and measurement tools for deriving best productivity from your offshore team. 


  • Offshore Insights

    Sudin Apte

    CEO & Research Director

    Established Thought Leader in Offshore, Outsourcing and IT Services
  • Offshore Insights

    Allison Roelen

    Principal Analyst & Director, Client Advisory

    Experienced offshore sourcing professional
  • Offshore Insights

    Prashant Raje

    Principal Analyst

    Vendor Growth Strategy, Product Development, Vendor Landscape
  • Offshore Insights

    Ghana Pendse

    Principal Analyst

    Emerging Verticals, BI, Analytics, Productivity
  • Offshore Insights

    Neeraja Kandala

    Senior Analyst

    Big Data, Mobility, Social