Despite being a young company, Offshore Insights and its timely research has continuously received excellent coverage in several top International and Indian publications. Thanks to our industry reputation and the thought leadership we bring to the table. Following is a partial list of Offshore Insights quotes in recent times:


Capgemini acquires IGATE for $4 bn in all-cash deal

Business Standard , 28 April 2015

Sudin Apte, chief executive and research director, Offshore Insights, said the integration would take time. "This might be a $300-500 million revenue opportunity for Indian players such as TCS, Infosys and Tech-Mahindra," he added.


Capgemini to acquire iGate for $4 billion

Live Mint , 27 April 2015

Capgemini might succeed in transferring only $800 million to $1 billion of iGate’s $1.3 billion revenue, according to Sudin Apte, chief executive officer and research director at Offshore Insights Research and Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a research firm specializing in IT services.