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Top IT services predictions for 2015

Offshore Insights , 20 March 2015


SMAC is the new flavour of IT services companies

Live Mint , 13 February 2014

 Growth of IT companies will be dictated by cloud, mobile, analytics, big data and social media services, according to our survey of 410 global IT decision-makers conducted just before the budgeting time. Global 2000 firms will spend 15-16% of their IT services and outsourcing budgets on SMAC. These (SMAC) service lines will get to mainstream with deals becoming big and complex. Most clients see merit in combination of two or three technologies if not all four.


Infosys Loses Eighth Top Executive Since Founder Murthy Returns

Bloomberg , 20 December 2013

 “Don’t press panic button because of exaggerated media reports” – this is what we advice to all clients who come to us inquiring about Indian media reports on internal challenges at Infosys. We always believed that Founder Murthy’s return is not going to improve Infosys’ capability to deliver value for its clients. On the other hand, we also believe that top executives leaving the firm is not going to hamper your projects. We haven’t seen any project level delays due to recent exits by senior executives. Offshore Insights recommend its clients to be patient as long as there are no project level disruption. Based on our interactions with several Infosys clients and Infosys leadership team –delivery organization and project teams looks absolutely fine at Infosys.


To win clients, mid-tier IT firms look at ‘hyper-specialisation'

Business Line , 27 March 2012

What it Says: Mid-tier IT companies are going deeper into their niche to provide specialised solutions to clients. 

Impact: Differentiation or 'hyper - specialization' is new marketing buzz word for IT services vendors. And its not hollow. Mid-tier IT firms, that differentiate themselves from larger players like TCS and Infosys will continue to grow faster than the industry average. Clients should engage with these firms for 'that' specific skill set they bring on the table. But look out for imposters. Be sure about the delta-value-add these 'hyper-specialized' firms bring over large firms. BFSI is not a specialization. Check how much revenue a vendor gets from outside its specialization (it should not be more than 20-30%). Limited business outside its focus area helps a vendor to invest more on its specialization. Refer our research Do You Find Your Offshore Providers Undifferentiated? for good practice.