Consulting for Technology Users

User goals have grown well beyond simple cost saving. They now want to leverage offshore locations to access diverse talent, open new markets and revamp products/services to suit their evolving business models. To achieve this, offshore users require enhanced advice and support. Offshore Insights provides this in-depth knowledge and support to offshore users through various solutions. Some of the themes that offshore buyers leverage us for are:

  • Detailed assistance in vendor selection
  • Better governance of ongoing projects
  • Feasibility analysis for sending more work offshore
  • Transition from T&M projects to new engagement models
  • Enhanced savings and benefits from existing offshore relationships
  • Detailed city-wise and skill-wise analysis

Annual Retainer Package for Technology Users
Besides detailed research reports on industry-specific topics, we offer a unique retainer package. Our annual retainer package aims to provide drilled down advice and strategic help to all offshore buyers from the US and Europe. The annual retainer package is a combination of analyst interactions through inquiry calls, teleconferences, advisory sessions and workshops, which will help you leverage the next level of benefit from global delivery relations
The annual retainer package consists of mix of strategy workshops, quarterly updates, access to content and inquiry calls.

Please contact us for more details.

Webinars, Speeches and Workshops
Offshore Insights can deliver workshops and speeches to help easily transition your work offshore. The sessions will cover all the components of offshore IT services, including:

  • Crafting the correct overall strategy and message
  • Defining the right governance
  • Undertaking accurate due diligence
  • Crafting a fair contract
  • Making the right transition
  • Enabling Project Management decisions