Consulting For Technology Providers

The IT Services market is undergoing a dramatic shift due to budget cuts, fierce competition and changing client expectations. The space has become highly complex and most of the IT Services providers are disillusioned.
Our solutions help IT Service providers to: 

  • Understand current market trends and demands
  • Build strategies to grow and tap new market opportunities
  • Help your customers evolve into matured offshore clients and enable you to enter into win-win relationships with them
  • Conduct workshops and sessions to help your clients overcome their internal challenges and send more work offshore
  • Conduct comparison studies on other offshore and MNC providers to learn from their success and mistakes

Annual Retainer Package for Technology Providers

As against a generic analyst interaction package, our annual retainer package enables vendors to work closely with buy-side analysts and get detailed and frequent inputs on market strategies and client requirements. Under our annual retainer package, we will work closely with you to identify and help overcome your business challenges and help you better prepare for next generation success criteria.
The Retainer package includes mix of briefings, strategy workshops, quarterly updates, content and inquiry calls.
Please contact us for more details.

Management Coach
Offshore Insights can work closely with the senior management of vendor companies to review strategy premise and thought process. This will be an in-person drilled down engagement, where our analysts will brainstorm and critique current strategy and draft plans for enhanced growth of your business.

Webinars, Speeches and Workshops
While maintaining our neutrality and ensuring that the content comes from third party sources, we will build specific content to educate and encourage our clients to send more work offshore. Subjects and actual agenda can be developed as per requirements; a few ideas could be:

  • Building a profitable Global Delivery Network
  • Best practices and cases of Global network like work prioritization, measuring success, internal change management
  • Governance and steering of projects for on-time, on-budget close, and the relevant case studies

Thought Leadership Document

Our thought leadership document will study a wide range of market forces, including trends ranging from economic to product markets and how to address global markets (especially growth markets like BRIC).
Additionally, the second analytical section will address topics like:

  • How will the future offshoring scenario look like and how will partners co-innovate
  • What role will partners play
  • What new pricing and engagement models will evolve

The third section of the paper will emphasize on some cases and examples to show early signs of this evolving model.

Client Satisfaction Survey and Analysis
It’s a known fact that clients abstain from revealing the truth about what they like and what they don’t to their vendors. But a proven, third party methodology can decode the mystery via a systematic client satisfaction survey that investigates high-value issues like:

  • Why some clients give repeat business and grow but some don’t even continue after phase one.
  • How clients perceive you against some other competition in the account.
  • What are clients’ top reasons for working (or not working) with you.
  • Specific client/prospect win-loss analysis.