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Economy and Spending

What's in store for Indian IT in 2016-17?

by  Sudin Apte  |  9 February 2016
Shadow of economic crisis visible in client's business outlook. North America shows higher confidence, Europe lowest. APAC mood continues to dampen. Overall tech spend grows slowly but shows steady improvement in software & services. IT services are highest growth amongst overall Tech spend categories. US lead global tech spend growth (outside APAC), UK and Sweden sweet spots in Europe).

What's in store for Indian IT in 2015-16?

by  Sudin Apte  |  10 February 2015
Offshore clients’ mood continues to look conservative. While businesses are recovering, tech spend is expected to grow only moderate The year ahead poses a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges. New opportunities coupled with new competition, new projects coupled with pressures on maintenance costs, and confusion and shifts in tech decision power makes it complex As requirements to win a deal get multifaceted, vendor polarization accelerates further making many clients worried about vendor risks

What Services Clients Are Expected To Buy

by  Sudin Apte  |  12 March 2014
Global 2000 firms aren’t in good mood over the already implemented ERP modules, instead they are looking for strategic/competitive benefits as against automation/digitization...

IT Services Forecast For FY 2014-15

Growth is Back
by  Sudin Apte  |  28 February 2014
Based on our Survey of 410 Global IT customers conducted just after recent budgeting time, we have tried to unearth what’s in store for coming year and beyond.

Understanding Contours Of Growth

Top Offshore Insights' Survey Findings
by  Sudin Apte  |  19 February 2014
Offshore Insights conducted 410 interviews of IT and business decision makers across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific which are essentially offshore clients. The findings showed that the Offshore clients’ mood continues to look positive as compared to past two years...