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Governance and Program Management

Changing World Of CMOs

by  Sudin Apte  |  3 March 2014
Offshore Insights see CMO as an upcoming role for business opportunity.

Self Test: Business Solutions Strategy & Thought Leadership

by  Sudin Apte  |  26 February 2014
Offshore Insights have devised a set of self-assessment pointers based on 10 distinctive criteria that evaluate current organizational position among peer competition.

Knowing How Your Projects are Staffed

What Should you Know about ‘Resource Management’ and Why?
by  Prashant Raje  |  27 April 2012
Outsourcing clients evaluate vendors on multiple parameters such as technology and domain expertise, project management capabilities, track record, and references. They also ask their providers how many people they will recruit and from where.

US Credit Crisis - Is the Offshore Industry In Deep Trouble?

Clients’ Offshore Plans Face Uncertainty
by  Sudin Apte  |  27 August 2011
The ongoing credit crisis in the US is slowly beginning to spill over into the offshore IT services industry. Our research shows that the overall mood is very tense and financial experts fear that we may see one more round of serious economic challenges.

Four Reasons why Offshore Billing Rates will Increase

Clients should focus on innovative ways to control TCO rather than focusing only on rate negotiations
by  Sudin Apte  |  26 April 2011
But as the firms plan to ramp up their offshore work, many clients are about to face an unpleasant surprise. Vendors, who were quite ready to negotiate until very recently, will now become a little tough to deal with.