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Emerging Technologies

Big Data: Top Challenges Clients Are Facing

by  Ghana Pendse , Neeraja Kandala  |  17 February 2014
Clients do not foresee any challenge in Big Data adoption but are certainly concerned with data security related issues.

Are We At Tipping Point For Emerging Technology Spend?

by  Sudin Apte  |  14 October 2013
The study showed that SMAC adoption is reaching its maturity level. In addition, the findings from this survey that firms preferred Big Data and Mobility more and have an increased willingness to adopt them among the Emerging Technology space

Is Offshore Ready for Big Data?

Assess your Big Data Needs and Choose your Vendor Accordingly
by  Ghana Pendse , Neeraja Kandala  |  12 December 2012
Insights that help in understanding customers and their preferences are hidden largely in unstructured data. At the moment only Big Data solutions can extract insights from large volumes of unstructured data.

Social Media: Powerful Medium but Under-Utilized

Understanding how Businesses Leverage Social Media
by  Neeraja Kandala  |  5 December 2012
In today’s digital and hyper-connected age, businesses cannot ignore social media. With customers spending a substantial amount on social networking sites, businesses are sensing value in making social a part of their marketing strategy.

Is Big Data a Hype or Reality?

Assessing whether Big Data is a powerful tool and what do Enterprises need to know
by  Ghana Pendse , Neeraja Kandala  |  12 June 2012
Recent announcements of “Big Data” deployment by large enterprises indicates “Big benefits” and have created “Big interest” in the business world. Is this yet another IT industry hype?