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Vendor Landscape

How Will Vendor Landscape Evolve In 2015 And Beyond

Polarization of Indian IT Industry Continues
by  Sudin Apte  |  28 January 2014
Offshore Insights track large number of MNCs, top-tier and mid-tier IT Services firms. In this research we are providing in-depth analysis of these firms, their strengths and weaknesses...

Decoding Client Satisfaction Of Top Indian IT Players

by  Sudin Apte  |  23 January 2014
Every top IT services company – global as well as Indian, is expanding on capabilities and delivery model. While offshore capability of Indians and top MNC firms are comparable, their domain skills, consulting acumen and onshore presence still differentiate them.

Is Offshore Ready for Big Data?

Assess your Big Data Needs and Choose your Vendor Accordingly
by  Ghana Pendse , Neeraja Kandala  |  12 December 2012
Insights that help in understanding customers and their preferences are hidden largely in unstructured data. At the moment only Big Data solutions can extract insights from large volumes of unstructured data.

Offshore Vendors Steer Innovation Efforts to Business Value

Review of Changing Strategies and Examples of Offshore Innovation
by  Sudin Apte  |  16 February 2012
The focus of Indian offshore vendors’ innovation is no longer on technology alone.These are those who are making structural changes to institute innovation positions within their companies, encouraging staffers to think out of box.

Insights 2012: Tough Economy Puts IT Budgets under Siege

Pessimism in outlook dominates
by  Sudin Apte  |  10 February 2012
Sentiments of pessimism across both geographies, especially amongst high-tech clients. Tight budgets heighten the offshoring opportunity for vendors. They must fix their focus on improving new technologies.